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@6KJJKZHSocialistfrom Colorado  answered…1mo

We should pull out of the middle east and quit terrorizing them. We are the biggest terrorists in the world.

@6KK45B2Socialistfrom Pennsylvania  answered…1mo

@6FK8SWLConstitutionfrom South Carolina  answered…1mo

Send all illegals and anchor babies, and refugees out of this country. They broke the law. The country is not stable now and no new citizens for 5 years.

@6L6WLB6Republicanfrom New York  answered…1mo

We should allow only persons who can PROVE that they are who they say they are and only after extensive checks. They should have to report their whereabouts on a continuous basis
for several years. They should not be allowed in unless someone vouches for and takes financial responsibility for them

@6L7RDLVRepublicanfrom New York  answered…1mo

Israel opened its borders to jews after WW2 so in that sense I am open to accepting refugees. However because of BLM and other free for all groups, I feel like the US has become a battle ground within its own borders and at this point in time, we can not accept refugees until the US cleans up from within.

@6C956JKConstitutionfrom Kansas  answered…1mo

Only under a short-term (3-5 years) indentured servant program.

@6599PSDRepublicanfrom Massachusetts  answered…1mo

After seeing how these refugees treat the welcoming country's, blowing up building, airports, killing people enjoying their lives, no I don't want them here to do the same. My experience with Muslims, they don't want to assimilate. They want us to be like them. Ugh!  Sinful.

@6L79XLMLibertarianfrom North Carolina  answered…1mo

No, we should, instead set up a "save heaven" closer to Syria so that the refugees aren't a threat to our country, but are also safe

@5ZC3HTBConstitutionfrom Florida  answered…1mo

Not just no.. But HELL no. When we were faced with a revolution 240 years ago, we stood up and fought. Let them stay in their own country and do the same. The Syrian "refugee crisis" is nothing less than an orchestrated invasion of Europe and the US.

@5YGDXF7Republicanfrom New York  answered…1mo

They need safety. We should take them and do the same thing that was done to the Japanese during WW2. We should give them all of the necessities of life including good living quarters (mobile homes would be good), medical care, education. For the ones who want to stay here there should be, along with background checks and continuous monitoring, the learning of our language and customs and the acceptance of both.

@658DTK9from Nevada  answered…1mo

No, and this is important, if there is more than a normal chance they will find time to arrange to kill people - at all, they must not be let in. But, you must be sure. Most of them who become terrorists are actually in need of sleep and food and love. But this does not mean it is time for a love-in with them. If keeping them out is necessary for our country to defend itself, they ought be kept out, but as soon as they are educated and become people with wonderful dispositions who will enhance our population because they are really nice people and make a good effort to get along with others, they can come in if we're sure. We are good people and should not be being killed by people with agendas like some of those people have. They are misguided and sad people and going nowhere good. I will accentuate the "BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY" phrase here.

@9Q4LQ3BWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…4wks

@9QQ85DNRepublican from Nebraska answered…9hrs

Individual states or even better, cities should decide if they are to accept them. If the refugee leaves the city or state whatever they should be liable to be deported back to the country from which they came. They are not a citizen, and they do not have the rights of a citizen. They would be here out of a kind gesture and should not take ill advantage of that. They could apply to become citizens absolutely but until they are, they are simply not.

@9PWDZCKWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…4wks

Yes, Only a cerin amount and have them do backround checks and other processes

@9PVVTLKPeace and Freedom from Iowa answered…4wks

Yes, but only accept maried families and only after extensive background checks and continuous monitoring to ensure they have no terrorist connections

@9PVQ8M8Women’s Equality from Georgia answered…4wks

we should help them into the United states by helping them become citizens

@9PVCWT4Women’s Equality from California answered…4wks

No, potential culture shift could make integration difficult.

@9PV5D9YAmerican Solidarity from Ohio answered…4wks

yes, if they intend on going through the process of attaining citizenship

@9PTXDVFWorkers from Massachusetts answered…4wks

@9PTRM4MTranshumanist from Florida answered…1mo

I don't think we should take anything from Syria knowing that they killed 360,00 people and that there at a full scale of civil war, it could be dangerous or a threat or posion.

@9PTKN5SPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…1mo

Yes if they let other refugees come from other places they should let Syrains.Just give them some questions and you will be set.

@9PS5NFSWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…1mo

@9PRNQ6YTranshumanist from Massachusetts answered…1mo

@9PQZZTQRepublican from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, but we cannot take in too many and back log the system because that will only make things worse

@9PQWFL2Democrat from Washington answered…1mo

Yes, and not only from Syria but from around the world as well. However, they have to leave the Islam religion behind no exceptions.

@9PQHWS6American Solidarity from Texas answered…1mo

Yes but only if other first world countries share in similar proportions

@9PQDYY7Socialist from Michigan answered…1mo

@9PP7HBBWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…1mo

Yes, but once they’re here and safe get background checks and mandatory citizenship, learn English and laws etc. be held accountable like every other citizen no free passes just cause they’re foreign.

@9PN9GSTIndependent from New Jersey answered…1mo

I believe everybody should be accepted and welcomed. But this does not mean we just let in dangerous criminals mixed with children and vulnerable people. I think that background checks would be beneficial but I don’t want to deny anybody who is in an unsafe place, as a person who is adopted from another country I can understand and am grateful to the USA for all the opportunities and privileges afforded me.

@9PMZBKDVeteran from New Jersey answered…1mo

Yes and No but do some sort of background check for every refugee to make sure that theyre not up to something bad

@9PMFM5KDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…1mo

I am not knowledgeable on this topic and I do not have an opinion on this topic.

@9PM2HGYWomen’s Equality from Iowa answered…1mo

If the back round check in cleared and they passed through certain tests.

@9PKZZL5Republican from Illinois answered…1mo

@9PKY5QQDemocrat from Montana answered…1mo

high-school?, but families and lone children should come first, and background checks would ensure the safety of U.S. citizens.

@9PKPWY9Veteran from Idaho answered…1mo

If we can find a good system to monitor everyone’s safety and humanely allow everyone the opportunity of the United States freedoms

@9PKC5JJLibertarian from Iowa answered…1mo

No, the process to obtain a green card should be more simplified than is current. And benefits need to be reevaluated as well.

@9PK2D39Independent from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

@9PJYDV6Libertarian from Virginia answered…1mo

Yes, but not with special government handout. Immigrants are valuable workers, stop treating then as "refugees"

@9PJM6YGTranshumanist from California answered…1mo

On the condition that they not be homed near other refugees or muslim communities, to culturally assimilate them and lessen chances of radicalization.

@9PJJYJTWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…1mo


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