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@6BKBQZPDemocratfrom New York  answered…3wks

US should stop spreading viruses for profit only then world would be free of all diseases. Capitalism is world cancer.

@9PM6LC6Women’s Equality from Kansas commented…3wks

Yes, they are essential to protecting other children who are too young to be vaccinated Yes, but with exceptions for those whose religious beliefs forbid use of vaccines Yes, but only for deadly contagious diseases No, fund public ad campaigns about the risks and benefits instead No, but require vaccination in order to attend public school Regardless, this should be decided at the state level No, but hold parents criminally liable for transferring deadly diseases to other children Yes No

How is the US going to stop spreading viruses when it is our of their control. I know that in the vaccines there is a form of that disease from the year before, but that illness isn't going to be the same as the one spreading around now. The doctors are putting bacteria's in your body not knowing if your body can fight off these bacteria's. There is no way the world could be free of all diseases, it's just not possible.

@Lola3NPBAmerican Solidarity from California commented…3wks

International travel bans are just not possible.

Even if you banned human travelers you couldn't ban cargo coming in from foreign countries. The world economy would collapse.

@6BLNQPSRepublicanfrom Ohio  answered…1mo

It's funny that if vaccination really work why should they worry about those who don't. Those that do not get vaccinated. Tough.

@9QQ9Z67Republican from North Carolina answered…4hrs

No. The actions of one family is up to that family. If two families don’t get shots and spread to each other it’s their funeral.

@9NNG2C2Peace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…1mo

@9NLHB8QConstitution from Florida answered…1mo

Yes,but people who have immunodeficiency should not be required to vaccinate.

@9NLC7Y9Democrat from Wisconsin answered…1mo

Yes, unless the vaccines haven't been approved by medical/science departments to be used

@9NL8KVVConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

It should be highly encouraged and if they are not vaccinated they can not go to public school

@9NH6CF2Peace and Freedom from Michigan answered…1mo

Yes, except if they have a medical reason they can not get vaccinated

@9NGZ3YPConstitution from Michigan answered…1mo

No, They should leave it up to the parents on what the child gets vaccinated for.

@9NGHL33Democrat from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

@9NG8FNZTranshumanist from Michigan answered…1mo

The Government should recommend it but leave it up to parents for the final choose.

@9NG5DT2Working Family from Ohio answered…1mo

No, but if disease contracted and spread the parents should be fined.

@9NDFQZVWorking Family from Indiana answered…1mo

This decision should be up to the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the child(s).

@9NDCYG7Independent from Kansas answered…1mo

Not unless companies are transparent and accountable, and the vaccines are clean with 0% risk

@9ND59TLWorking Family from New Jersey answered…1mo

Real studies would have to be extremely convincing to the public for me or probably anyone to answer this properly.

@9NCXFWPDemocrat from California answered…1mo

Yes, and provide the money for those who are unable to pay for themselves.

@9NCT7VKAmerican Solidarity from New Jersey answered…1mo

Yes but I think that they should give them the option to opt-out due to medical concerns.

@9NCRWPXLibertarian from Ohio answered…1mo

Yes, while I do think it infringes upon the principles of a free country, it is one of the few things the government should be able to tell you that you absolutely have to do.

@Na'siyah-AndrewsPeace and Freedom from New York answered…1mo

No, everyone has their own beliefs when it comes to vaccinations.

@9NC3M3CPeace and Freedom from New York answered…1mo

Yes, with the exception of immunocompromised children (cancer, allergies, etc)

@9NBCCWRAmerican Solidarity from Washington answered…1mo

yes, unless there is MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION that states otherwise.

@9N9KYWCLibertarian from Alabama answered…1mo

No, because the government shouldn’t be able to decide what does or doesn’t go in your body.

@9N92GWCWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…1mo

Yes, but with the exception for those with opposing religious beliefs or for children who may be allergic to vaccine ingredients.

@9N8GZFLAmerican Solidarity from Florida answered…1mo

Yes, but only for deadly contagious diseases with exceptions for those whose religious beliefs for bid it

@9N89S7SDemocrat from Florida answered…1mo

@9N8274DDemocrat from New York answered…1mo

yes, if there is a contagious diseases and respect people's religious beliefs

@9N7TR9KAmerican from Georgia answered…1mo

yes only if they don't want to they must stay home away from public

@9N6XM87Republican from Arizona answered…1mo

@9N6X3MXWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…1mo

it should be up to the parents to decide if their children ahould be vaccinated not the government

@9N5ZKQ2Transhumanist from Indiana answered…1mo

@9N5Y53BDemocrat from Illinois answered…1mo

Yes, but make sure that research continues on what other side effects vaccines may cause

@9N5SPXCRepublican from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, but only if the vaccine has been rigorously tested and proven safe.

@Ashley-NicoleWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, but spread out the amount of vaccinations given at one time.

@9N5CH4XRepublican from Virginia answered…1mo

It depends on how long the vaccine has been around if it has been around for more than 30 years and no one has had any side effects than yes it should be required.

@9N5483ZWorking Family from Wisconsin answered…1mo

it shouldn't have to be but if they want it and then they can if they want there kid to do it

@9N4S8SYDemocrat from California answered…1mo

its important that kids get vaccination because then they get sick, and can spread.

@9N4RQ2NTranshumanist from Nebraska answered…1mo

Yes, but only for contagious deadly diseases and only for those who attend public school

@9N4NVX4Peace and Freedom from Tennessee answered…1mo

Yes, but with exceptions for those whose religious beliefs forbid use of vaccines Also, if they are essential to protecting other children who are too young to be vaccinated.

@9N4GWDWWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…1mo

Yes but exceptions for those with religious beliefs that forbid them and or Physical health that getting the vaccines can make them sick

@9N4BSBPWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…1mo

Yes, Unless going against the child’s belief and if health is in risk.

@9N3TKTMGreen from New York answered…1mo

I feel that people should vaccinate their kids but if you feel strongly otherwise then I am fine with whatever your decision is

@9N3QCJDWomen’s Equality from New York answered…1mo

This should be the parents decision andwhen the children turn 16 they should be allowed to make thathat desicion

@9N3M92QWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…1mo

Yes but with exceptions. It should be highly recommended by the state and the government but if it goes against beliefs it should not be forced on them. If the vaccination is for deadly, easily spreadable or transmitted disease, the parents should be liable for fines and heavy fees.


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