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@scribble_5012Libertarianfrom Florida  answered…1mo

@9QQ85DNRepublican from Nebraska answered…9hrs

Not if they need to enact eminent domain to do so. Lawfully purchase the land needed and okay whatever.

@9QP5TMBWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…2 days

I really don’t know because either way it go drugs or any illegal stuff will come through regardless of course it will be less with the wall but people will find more and creative ways to hide stuff

@9N2XRQ5Socialist from Minnesota answered…1mo

Yes but they should put in lots of entry points and make it easier to get in legally

@9N2TGN2Peace and Freedom from Indiana answered…1mo

@9N27PZ4Transhumanist from Missouri answered…1mo

No, its a waste of time and money. If a issue rises, then increase border patrol

@Adrian-MaselleDemocrat from New Jersey answered…1mo

don't build a wall because some of my friend are mexican i think that they should choose their path.

@9MZWQ63American Solidarity from Massachusetts answered…1mo

A wall should not be built but immigrants should not be let in as America is already overpopulated.

@9MZPR6LLibertarian from North Carolina answered…1mo

Build a wall but equal attention should be paid to ports of entry and all other points where human and drug trafficking can occur

@Jessica-JohnstonVeteran from Indiana answered…1mo

I truly think that no matter what is there whether there is a wall there or people we will get illegal immigrants in the US. I think that the US shouldn't build a huge costly wall to keep people out but I think that there needs to be more effort in monitoring who and what comes in and out both ways.

@9MZ37SWDemocrat from Kansas answered…1mo

If it’s shown the wall drastically reduces the amount of illegal immigrants than yes

@9MYPFWHWomen’s Equality from Kansas answered…1mo

The wall is not needed. People will always find another way through, so increasing military presence would be the easiest and most effective.

@9MYN3J4Transhumanist from Louisiana answered…1mo

I don't have enough knowledge for an opinion pertaining to this.

@9MY89MFRepublican from Connecticut answered…1mo

Yes, but to an extent, increase military presence and work on the wall slightly more

@9MY2SN9Constitution from Kansas answered…1mo

No, we should put the resources in making the process to become a legal citizen more efficient and safer.

@9MXKY93Women’s Equality from Washington answered…1mo

@9MXBQ3SConstitution from California answered…1mo

@9MX98N9Progressive from California answered…1mo

A wall does little to address migration. This issue is one of America's largest mishandling and is truly misunderstood. Overall revision to migration policy is needed

@9MWZTT3Democrat from Florida answered…1mo

No but make more restrictions to make sure bad people don't come to America.

@9MWTWWYTranshumanist from New York answered…1mo

When it comes to the wall, I can see why it would be needed. It's because people bring drugs, families are trying to come over to America, etc. I know what it's like trying to leave a country in order to start to new life (immigrant). But I think they should increase the military presence in that area and not have them be so rough depending on the situation.

@9MWDWK6Democrat from Connecticut answered…1mo

No, but established a more collaborative relationship with Latin countries and provide aid to reduce cartel influence

@9MW3CBMConstitution from Illinois answered…1mo

Yes, but there should be entrance points where we help people begin the citizenship process.

@9MVSJNQDemocrat from Michigan answered…1mo

@9MVJ8BKTranshumanist from California answered…1mo

Yes, but we should pay for it if we're the ones complaining about it.

@9MVJ6DKSocialist from Texas answered…1mo

Increase security, but not with a wall. However, make it more easy to legally immigrate through that border.

@9MVDMH8American Solidarity from Arizona answered…1mo

Yes but not super strong and also build one on the border of Candada

@9MVDBGSConstitution from Indiana answered…1mo

If you really want to build the wall, then you are going to do it anyway. So where the rocky terrain is will be the influx and you post more guards there and a station for holding.

@9MT4KDPRepublican from Hawaii answered…1mo

to secure the boarder a bit more so that the chance of people getting over weakens

@9MSZFC2Socialist from Nebraska answered…1mo

They should be able to help the people in need. There are reasons people are trying to cross the border but they should be able to prove their intentions. If we help people we don't need the walls but security should be increased to prevent drug and sex trafficking.

@9MSMC2WVeteran from Minnesota answered…1mo

no because its a waist of money but yea to keep those musloms out

@9MSM67VRepublican from Texas answered…1mo

I don't really understand any of the government stuff, so I think not.

@9MSLMCLLibertarian from Utah answered…1mo

@9MRKW9RWomen’s Equality from Arkansas answered…1mo

If 61% is being kept out already just set army people up along the boarder to keep the 39 percent out then we could have 100% out of the us.

@9MRFSLJIndependence from New York answered…1mo

Yes but it should have places for people to come into our country and be checked for diseases and be welcomed un less they are travelling

@9MR2JP3Republican from California answered…1mo

Increase military presence at border, utilize high tech surveillance, make the process more humane.

@9MQYNBGAmerican Solidarity from Illinois answered…1mo

To me It's a yes and no, because it would keep us safe but the Mexican's should not pay for it. may I remind someone that mexico isn't the only place that has terrorist's, and created terrorist's, and you know that america, MY HOME COUNTRY also has and built terrorist's

@9MQXBXBDemocrat from New York answered…1mo

Yes, our population runs on immigrants' hard work. without them, our country as the united states of America would be NOTHING

@9MQSXNMWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1mo

@9MQN8YQConstitution from New York answered…1mo

@9MQKZVFDemocrat from Indiana answered…1mo


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