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@9GKHH6BVeteran from California answered…4mos

Yes, as long as they are legal citizens and there for a couple years

@9GKDNC7Working Familyfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…4mos

Yes, if they live in a local community for 5 years they earn the right to vote in local elections. If they move it resets. If you pay taxs you can vote.

@9GKFZWPDemocrat from Kentucky answered…4mos

Yes if they are paying taxes in our country they should be able to vote to have representation

@9GKDNC7Working Familyfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…4mos

Yes, if they live in a local community for 5 years they earn the right to vote in local elections. If they move it resets. If you play taxs you can vote.

@9GKCS23Constitution from Alabama answered…4mos

No illegal immigrants should but legal citizens that pay taxes should.

@9GKCGWNGreen from Florida answered…4mos

In local elections only until resident for more than 5 years

@9GK8CFSWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…4mos

Yes, but only after living in the country for 2 years or are planning to become a citizen

@9GK6K3SPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…4mos

If they have any kind of legal status, absolutely, they should be allowed to vote.

@9GGNYPHWomen’s Equality from Oklahoma answered…4mos

Yes, but only if they are tax paying citizens of the United States.

@9GGND2WPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…4mos

Yes, but only if they're paying taxes, in the process of getting citizenship, and can't vote in another country.

@Raul-OjedaVeteran from Pennsylvania answered…4mos

@9GG429SPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…4mos

@9GFXZL2Transhumanist from New Jersey answered…4mos

@9GFVZTJWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…4mos

Yes, if they are permanent residents or planning to become citizens

@9GFVDPTWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…4mos

@9GFPCQ7Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…4mos

If they got their green card to be a citizen in the US then they can have the right to vote

@9GFF96TConstitution from Idaho answered…4mos

@9GFD28LWomen’s Equality from Kentucky answered…4mos

If they are citizens for a year yea but no if they are here for a little bit

@9GD6DXMConstitution from Georgia answered…4mos

@9GD2N5SRepublican from Ohio answered…4mos

Yes but only if they meet the exceptions to becoming an American citizen.

@9GD2K9FWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…4mos

@9GCX8TYLibertarian from Tennessee answered…4mos

I feel like after a foreigner has lived at least 10 years in the country and they have to be a legal citizen.

@9GCV9M8Libertarian from Illinois answered…4mos

If they pay taxes and are a legal citizen, they should be allowed to vote.

@9GBML52Constitution from California answered…4mos

Pending Policy Being Enforced -- Should have an active long term stake in policy being voted for.

@9GBHF7HWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…4mos

Yes, but only if they are currently playing taxes and if they're permanent residents and planning to become citizens.

@9GB8HP5Transhumanist from California answered…4mos

Let's just automatically make anyone who lives in the US for 10+ years and abides by our laws a citizen. Then they can vote.

@9G9X3ZTDemocrat from Utah answered…4mos

No, but reform the naturalization process to make citizenship and the right to vote more achievable.

@9G99Y9NRepublican from Colorado answered…4mos

Yes, but only after becoming a full citizen of the United States.

@9G8XT88Republican from Missouri answered…4mos

yes as long as they have their legal citizenship in the beloved country of the USA.

@9G8PJXWWomen’s Equality from Idaho answered…4mos

Legal citizens of the U.S should have the right to vote, but I don't understand why foreigners would want to vote unless they plan on residing in the U.S and becoming a citizen.

@9G8K44WWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…4mos

@9G7XZM2Green from California answered…4mos

@9G5V5F8Green from Pennsylvania answered…4mos

Lawful Permanent Residents should be able to vote along with citizens

@9G5PZ9HTranshumanist from California answered…4mos

@9G5D7LRPeace and Freedom from California answered…4mos

If it effects them by living here X Amount of years, then yes. Just visiting for a few months? Then probably not.

@9G4WZPDLibertarian from Oregon answered…4mos

If a foreigner has been a legal citizen for a set amount of time (4-7 years) they are considered an american citizen and have a right to vote, and have had time to become accustomed to our culture.

@9G4NJKBSocialist from New York answered…4mos

@9G45XBFLibertarian from New Jersey answered…4mos

@9G3QG9JPeace and Freedom from Alabama answered…4mos

@9G39TRDLibertarian from Indiana answered…4mos

No, but citizen ship should be free and easy to obtain for someone living in the U.S. for an extended period of time.

@9FZK73QGreen from Texas answered…4mos


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