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@9QNG8QKConstitution from Illinois answered…3 days

@9NR4WPWConstitution from Kansas answered…1mo

@9NQV3HPDemocrat from North Carolina answered…1mo

No, if there is undeniable evidence that they are planning to attack our county, THEN we take them in and give them a fair trial.

@9NP7F9NRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

They need to be a terrorist, Not a suspected terrorist, there needs to be proof

@9NNZS43Republican from Rhode Island answered…1mo

Assassination is a legal term used to describe an unlawful killing. The lawful targeting of suspected terrorists can be accomplished legally under the Laws of War and is a valid method for combatting terrorism.

@9NNWNYLWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…1mo

@9NNVXGMAmerican Solidarity from Texas answered…1mo

If there is for sure undeniable evidence of a planned attack or that they have committed an attack then yes, but if possible we should capture and interrogate them.

@9NNP22ZSocialist from Wisconsin answered…1mo

Yes, but only if they commited an attack against our country, or planning to attack out country.

@9NNLW2NPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…1mo

Yes if they are dangerous enough, but also no because they could start problems.

@9NNJJFQWomen’s Equality from New York answered…1mo

you cannot just assassinate a foreigner without any proof. if there is proof that they are a terrorist then yes they should be assassinated.

@9NNGPB2Constitution from Ohio answered…1mo

I think the US should be authorized to neutralize suspected terrorists in other countries only if they are for sure they are doing terrorist acts.

@9NN2GYXDemocrat from Colorado answered…1mo

No, if possible capture and give them a fair trail, but if there is no alternative and many peoples lives are at risk, then yes.

@9NMNXDNPeace and Freedom from Wyoming answered…1mo

Yes, but only if they have undeniable evidence that they are planning to attack any place

@9NM6HP9Women’s Equalityfrom Montana  answered…1mo

I think they should have permission from the other country to assassinate the person in the other country.

@9NLYZHLGreen from New York answered…1mo

Yes, but only if their is undeniable proof that they are planning an attack on any country doesn't have to our own.

@9NLW7T3Constitution from Utah answered…1mo

If there is evidence to back up the claim and if they have already tried another way then yes it is okay. I think we should first try to be more civilized then the terrorists we are accusing.

@9NLW66ZAmerican Solidarity from West Virginia answered…1mo

It depends on the situation. I think that if you have good solid evidence and know for a fact that they are gonna come do something to our country then yes we should, but I think that we should have a plan A then that be a plan B.

@9NLQNLGDemocrat from New Jersey answered…1mo

No. No one deserves to die no matter the crime. They should be captured and imprisoned instead as long as there is undeniable evidence.

@9NLCT5FRepublican from Arkansas answered…1mo

we should be able to hunt them down and capture them so we can hold them accountable for their actions.

@9NL8KVVConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

It depends like if they just thought it was the person no but if they knew it was them than go do it for example killing Osama Bin Laden they knew it was him.

@9NL32X4Peace and Freedom from Iowa answered…1mo

only if you have evidence that they are planning terrorism. do investigations on the suspects

@9NKSNDWVeteran from Louisiana answered…1mo

They already do and if you don’t believe that then you’re uneducated and/or blind. Whether it’s by choice or circumstance is the question.

@9NH2XQBWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1mo

If the person is threatening the U.S and has caused havoc then yes if the person hasn't then no but keeping constant surveillance is a good idea.

@9NG8RVVDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence that they have committed a terrorist attack or are planning to commit a terrorist attack against innocent people of any country

@Stephen-ReschSocialistfrom Texas  answered…1mo

Yes, but only with permission of the country in question & only if there's undeniable evidence they're planning to attack our country

@9NDLCX5Democrat from New Jersey answered…1mo

Death/violence/murder should never be the answer to our problems as a country. Instead, if we suspect a threat from foreign terrorists, we should capture the terrorist(s) to keep our country safe while at the same time only interrogating and imprisoning them if there is undeniable evidence that they are planning or have attacked our country. This is a difficult question because capturing a terrorist or multiple terrorists will end up provoking those groups to retaliate, but assassinating them will do the same if not make the situation worse. Another way we could look at this problem is infiltration: if we created a group at the Intelligence/Secret Service that was meant to infiltrate terrorist groups, we could get information without unnecessarily assassinating anyone.

@9NCZNJZDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence they are involved in terrorist activities, and if capturing and imprisoning them is out of the question

@9NCZ37HConstitution from Florida answered…1mo

There needs to be checks and balances. Need approval from either senate or house

@9NCRWPXLibertarian from Ohio answered…1mo

No, the US should assassinate proven terrorists in foreign countries.

@9NB8MZHWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…1mo

yes. only if there in undeniable evidence that they are planning to or committed a terrorist attack regardless if it is against our country or not.

@9N9NBPCWomen’s Equalityfrom Guam  answered…1mo

They should talk with the government of the given country and make them do the arrest and then the suspect should be tried in a US federal or military court

@9N9J2KJWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…1mo

Yes, but only if there is evidence that they plan to, already have, or are assisting with the attack of our country or other countries we are allied with

@9N8K743Women’s Equality from Ohio answered…1mo

Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence that they are planning an attack or they have attacked our country. Assassinate but only if not able to capture, interrogate and imprison them instead.

@9N82PXHLibertarian from Maryland answered…1mo

Yes, but only if there undeniable evidence they are a threat to the U.S. and its allies.

@Andrew-WittnerDemocrat from New Jersey answered…1mo

Yes only if threat is imminent, otherwise capture and put on trial


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