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@9ND59TLWorking Family from New Jersey answered…1mo

I feel that if the teacher wants to they should go through rigorous training both mental and physical proven tests scoring very high in order to protect themselves and their students

@9NXD6YXWomen’s Equality from Oklahoma answered…1mo

Yes, if the teacher has followed all safety protocols and passed all state requirements for using and having a firearm.

@9N4P63CRepublican from Indiana answered…1mo

Yes, but this may increase the chance of shootings but it's the teacher's job to keep the students safe

@9N4MJZJTranshumanist from Virginia answered…1mo

I feel like teachers should be armed also to protect student just incase security is injured or killed but the gun should be used responsibly

@9N3NYRCRepublican from Wisconsin answered…1mo

Yes but only have those that are properly trained and hold a gun license

@9N3MQRWConstitution from Ohio answered…1mo

You should have someone know how to have a firearm and shoot it but if you have too many there may be more shootings at the school.

@9N3KWJ3Veteran from South Carolina answered…1mo

If it is in the best interest of safety, for example if a school has not resource officer , or is rural were emergency response is hours away.

@9N37H26Green from New York answered…1mo

Depends on your area if you are more likely to have a school shooting then you should have an emergency gun in place next to the teachers desk with a camera only on the gun the whole time but if not in a such dangerous place then no people would be more safe therefore less chance of a shooting

@9N36NSWWomen’s Equality from Idaho answered…1mo

No, there is no reason students should have to see their own teacher be armed and be scared the whole time they are at school.

@9N35LW8Transhumanist from Indiana answered…1mo

no because a teacher can get angry and turn on the school real quick.

@9N35BXFTranshumanist from Illinois answered…1mo

Not all teachers, but, at least have it in a safe and only, like a resource officer can have the key

@9N2Z3Z5Peace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…1mo

If they have a license to do so, get a heavy background check, and follow severe restrictions while keeping it in a class room, then yes.

@9N2S9VLTranshumanist from Illinois answered…1mo

@9N2NL9WConstitution from Texas answered…1mo

If it is absolute necessary, security should be at a school

@9N2J87KSocialist from Indiana answered…1mo

@9N2H4SBPeace and Freedom from Indiana answered…1mo

Students and teachers should be able to carry weapons but only small one but we should have more sercurity if we are having weapons.

@9N2GBN7Democrat from New Jersey answered…1mo

Yes, only if these teachers are trusted completely and won't do anything bad with the gun.

@9N26WQ4Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…1mo

I think yes if they are properly trained then yes if they are not then no

@9MZW5L2Peace and Freedom from Kansas answered…1mo

Yes only if it is to protect themselves and the students. No, if it is to put other staff members and the students in danger.

@9MZV43ZVeteran from Texas answered…1mo

help stop school shooting but thy can start the school shooting

@9MZR6Z6Constitution from Virginia answered…1mo

Publicly funded resource officers should be assigned to schools i.e. police officers instead of randomly driving around patrolling and trying to extort money

@9MZPLK2Constitution from Louisiana answered…1mo

Teachers who want to carry a gun at school should be properly trained and allowed to carry guns for protection.

@9MZNPNCConstitution from Utah answered…1mo

Yes, But each teacher should be required to take a course on shooting and score a certain percentage before being allowed to have a gun

@Ian-HennessyIndependent from Georgia answered…1mo

Yes, but only after the completion of police- or military-level training in gun safety and handling.

@9MZHK33Women’s Equality from Florida answered…1mo

No ,Because you never know what a teacher with a gun could do it can even be good or bad, But school should hire armed security guards

@9MZ37SWDemocrat from Kansas answered…1mo

Yes, but only after the teacher has had background checks and training

@9MYQ9Q6Transhumanist from Massachusetts answered…1mo

If it is legally owned, and you are properly trained to carry and operate it.

@9MY6DJRAmerican from North Carolina answered…1mo

It depends on the teacher. I don't think they should be automatically issued a gun but if they want to seek out a gun and go through the rigorous testing for one that is fine with me

@9MY69SSLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

No public schools.. so private schools should do whatever they want

@9MY4ZDRTranshumanist from Ohio answered…1mo

Teachers should be equipped with non-lethal, self defense mechanisms such as tasers.

@9MXYH5KIndependent from New York answered…1mo

@9MXLS8CRepublican from Oregon answered…1mo

@9MWYZ85Constitution from California answered…1mo

Having a security guard would be good but the core problem of school shootings aren't the guns but the mental health of students and finding a solution for that.

@9MWTWWYTranshumanist from New York answered…1mo

I don't think they should because so teachers are crazy. I think they should have trained officers.

@9MWTG9SDemocrat from Illinois answered…1mo

No, install other precautions to keep gun violence out of schools

@9MWQ9N5Republican from Illinois answered…1mo

Teachers who had background checks and went through training should be able to carry guns at school or have a gun in a desk drawer which is locked.

@9MWNDZPWorking Family from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, but the teachers must have a background check and must go through a handgun class.

@9MWG2ZYVeteran from Indiana answered…1mo

Yes if they hold a license to carry, I also believe schools should be allowed to hire armed security

@9MQPJMKDemocrat from Colorado answered…1mo

Yes, schools need trained security faculty, or third party protection services

@9MW7N6DLibertarian from Michigan answered…1mo

@9MW7JTWRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Yes only if the teachers pass a approved training and yearly refresher course

@9MVTGH2Socialist from Colorado answered…1mo

yes but no because if a teacher came in to the school and something happened .

@9MVSMT5Veteran from Georgia answered…1mo

We should hire ex military veterans who are of sound mind to patrol the perimeters of the schools. And they should be compensated for there time served and for protecting our children.


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