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@5TJ8676Republicanfrom Utah  answered…1mo

I believe there are over 2000 gun laws already on the books. Maybe we could enforce those before passing new ones. Come on, people! Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

@64LXCHZRepublicanfrom Ohio  answered…1mo

Stay out of this. Guns are only a method to kill. People are messed up. Start at home with good role models.

@6LHJR2KRepublicanfrom Michigan  answered…1mo

Chicago has very strict gun laws and yet the highest gun related crimes...criminals do not care about cannot pass a law that will stop a criminal from obtaining a weapon if he really wants one

@5T6XHSLDemocratfrom California  answered…1mo

They should go after illegal gun smugglers and sellers. Allow honest law-abiding citizens to carry unconcealed and concealed firearms.

@5R8SH7MDemocratfrom Texas  answered…1mo

@6J495SMRepublicanfrom Alaska  answered…1mo

end incentives for fatherless families. (More welfare for mothers per child) get fathers back in the homes of these kids who are killing each other.

@5WMRCKXRepublicanfrom California  answered…1mo

No! People should be required to carry a concealed handgun with a MINIMUM of 8 rounds in public and have a 30 round semi automatic gun in their home to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones rather than putting them and theirselves in danger due to lack of defense against criminals that are going to purchase guns off the street any way!

@64M4WTWLibertarianfrom North Carolina  answered…1mo

No, only for violent criminals and the potentially violent mentally *and* the government sould pass a national "stand your ground" law.

@5ZK7XSPfrom California  answered…1mo

Guns will be included with each school lunch as part of the "happy meal" concept.

@5XWBR3DDemocratfrom Oregon  answered…1mo

guns don't kill people it's the crazy unstable people, the uneducated people.

@694Q3GLConstitutionfrom North Carolina  answered…1mo

@65XJYVYGreenfrom Pennsylvania  answered…1mo

@65XY3VTRepublicanfrom Virginia  answered…1mo

I firmly believe disarming American citizens makes them helpless in too many situations. For example, Thieves, Robbers, Murderers and MOST of all, a ROGUE GOVERNMENT. WITH THIS, I ALSO believe we DO need stricter background checks and, only if needed, psychological testing and Training for those first time gun owners for proper and safe handling. Taking guns away from good citizens is illegal, according to our CONSTITUTION. LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

@6J48RN6Socialistfrom Colorado  answered…1mo

You know what we should totally do? Let's say you take the class, clear a background check, then go to a gun dealer. The gun dealer can check your background check again, then help you choose the right gun for you. Here's the clincher: You have guns that will only work for you. Like using your fingerprint. (This is my husband's idea and I LOVE it! They have safes that work this way, why not find a way to apply it to firearms?!). Anyways, if someone steals your gun, they cannot use it because their fingerprints are different. Then it's just a glorified paper weight.

@6CKKXMTfrom Montana  answered…1mo

You should only be able to buy a gun to kill yourself. That will lower crime rate because then all the bad guys will have to kill themself when they buy the gun.

@6B4KHCHRepublicanfrom Kansas  answered…1mo

@9QFH395Green from Massachusetts answered…2wks

Yes for assault weapons. There should also be through background checks and psychological evaluation.

@9Q9F97GAmerican Solidarity from Virginia answered…3wks

Most shootings are done with illegally purchased guns, not legally purchased guns, and the way to reduce gun crime is by giving more guns to store owners/people protecting their land

@6NMB786Greenfrom California  answered…1mo

Close the loophole, prevent domestic abusers from owning guns and reinstate the assault rifle ban. Also create a national standard for concealed carry.

@5WMPTX2Republicanfrom Michigan  answered…1mo

@65XLFL4Socialistfrom Alabama  answered…1mo

I think it's great to own a gun...but why is it acceptable to take it in's not the Wild West. It should be hard to get a weapon, there should be at least, criminal or mental health checks.

@67H9TVFRepublicanfrom Alabama  answered…1mo

Like abortion - driven by extremes on the issue - logical, practical controls can be enacted - i.e., better/quicker background checks and have no issue with banning or better controlling assault weapons as long as the definition of what is an assault weapon is not too broad.

@5TJ9X6PDemocratfrom New York  answered…1mo

Should've been done along time ago. You have gangs/terrorist groups/mentally challenged getting them! Back then we had no problems until illegal immigration reform got out of hand/bombing/terrorist groups/etc. have been a problem for the states.

@5Y84HQSRepublicanfrom California  answered…1mo

Yes. "In order to have a well trained militia": proposed owners must prove a relationship to being well trained in order to join, maintain or be a former member of a militia be that scouts, hunt or marksmanship clubs, etc. Assault guns and hand guns are not a legitimate hunting weapon and should be banned. Bolt action rifles, shot guns are legitimate hunting weapons and are ok.

@9QPRKWFIndependent from Montana answered…1 day

Yes, but only on assault weapons. The more restrictions we put on buying guns legally, the more people will buy them illegally. That seems more dangerous than buying a hunting gun.

@9QPP9JWWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…1 day

No, for we already have a system set in place that bars anyone seen as unfit to own weapons from having a gun, the problem is people illegally obtaining guns instead of focusing on the law abiding citizens that do no harm with their guns we should focus on the people illegally obtaining guns.

@9QNCS98Republican from Kentucky answered…4 days

Should be less restriction to purchase, no registration, full automatic weapons legal, constitutional carry...

@9QN8BZPPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…4 days

No, we have plenty of restrictions they just need to be enforced better.

@9QMWSJ3Constitution from Illinois answered…4 days

Everyone has the consitutional right to own a firearm, however people should have extensive background and mental testing to ensure they will not irresponsibly use their firearm or commit crimes.

@9QMCX9GWomen’s Equality from Colorado answered…5 days

No, this wouldn't help because there are many ways to get firearms such as illegal market for firearms.

@9QKZNDWRepublican from Texas answered…1wk

No and there should be no restrictions or regulations on gun purchases

@9QHSRD6Working Family from Georgia answered…2wks

@9Q7QWXVIndependentfrom Pennsylvania  answered…3wks

No, The government should ensure that all current laws are being properly and completely enforced before deciding to add more laws.

@9Q6M3MZDemocrat from Illinois answered…3wks

@9Q6BCPVRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

you have one chance and if u break the law then you dont need guns. if you use hard drugs or sell them then you dont need guns.

@9Q636G9Transhumanist from New York answered…4wks

Yes on background checks and mental health checks but closed carry and "stand your ground" must be implemented

@9Q5NLX5Socialist from California answered…4wks

I don’t know what the current process involves, but I think the type of gun is important. Bolt action rifles and shotguns are not a huge threat. Handguns and semi-auto combat style weapons are.

@9Q5458JIndependent from Utah answered…4wks

Yes, there should be some type of background check before a gun can be purchased

@9Q4ZLCYWomen’s Equality from Kentucky answered…4wks

Yes, require background checks, safety training, and increase gun-related crime

@9Q4P7RJIndependent from Louisiana answered…4wks

I think if someone is going to buy a gun they should be competent in gun safety. But you should not make buying a gun too hard, because it is an American Right. I think a short but educational coarse for a first time gun owner is a good idea.

@9Q4JTHFPeace and Freedom from California answered…4wks

No, only for assault rifles. We should go through a thorough background check and a psychological test as well.


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