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@9QQCXP2Peace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…1hr

@9NBVSM9Women’s Equality from Maryland answered…1mo

I Think it depends on the drug like if they're holding marijuana then give them a lighter sentence but if they're holding cocaine or anything terrible like that than give them a higher sentence.

@9NBVMV8Transhumanist from New York answered…1mo

Not quite but those who result in the deaths of community citizens should be charge

@9NBRZ2BWomen’s Equality from New Jersey answered…1mo

It depends on the amount of drugs and if they were using it

@9N9QVT2Republican from Texas answered…1mo

Depends on the type of drug offense. Marijuana should be decriminalized.

@9N9P8B2Veteran from Connecticut answered…1mo

Yes if the committed a crime while under the influence, including dealers, no if is strictly a drug user, they should have choice of rehab or community service time (forcing someone to go to rehab can be detrimental to recovery. They must want to get help.)

@9N9NBPCWomen’s Equalityfrom Guam  answered…1mo

The dealers or the ones running the drug racket should be punished with long sentences but users should have lesser jail time like a month or so at max as long as they are not involved in any violent crime

@9N9N6JTWorking Family from Florida answered…1mo

yes very small jail time but if repeated mandatory rehab and mental health institutions instead of prison time.

@9N9CS8TWomen’s Equality from Maryland answered…1mo

It depends on the situation, but nobody should have to serve more than 8 years because of drugs.

@9N9C3YFWomen’s Equality from New Mexico answered…1mo

i believe that both users and dealers should have an opportunity to get the help they need but i feel that there should be a minimum prison sentence for them but also should be judged on how bad the situation is

@9N8ZQMCRepublican from Minnesota answered…1mo

@9N8ZQPCDemocrat from New York answered…1mo

@9N86XKSWomen’s Equality from Connecticut answered…1mo

It kinda depend haha, I know there are good drugs and bad drugs, so if you do not have a permit then I say you should should go to jail for a bit.

@9N773SHDemocrat from Michigan answered…1mo

If primarily drug possession, and no other crime is committed I don’t believe prison time is necessary. Rehabilitation is needed

@9N738RLLibertarian from Ohio answered…1mo

No, decriminalize drugs and stop prosecuting victimless crimes.

@9N6X3MXWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…1mo

prison sentences only for dealers selling hard drugs not for Marijuana or mushrooms

@9N6VZCSVeteran from Texas answered…1mo

Depends on what drug. Coffee is technically a drug but people who commit tax fraud who drink coffee everyday only get in trouble for tax fraud. Someone who deals, smokes or both with marijuana that are in prison for something of that nature, doesn’t make sense.
Meth dealers, smokers or both (including herion or cocaine) deserve harsh punishments.
Things that come naturally from planet earth are not worth wasting tax dollars over.

@9N6TFPZRepublican from Utah answered…1mo

Yes, but only on the case that they are put through rehab and not just prison.

@9N6JP7VPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…1mo

Only if it is a controlled substance that can potentially kill someone from overdose

@9N66NFCRepublican from Colorado answered…1mo

I don’t think the word mandatory should be used here. I think the sentence should depend on the individual situation

@9N65P7NTranshumanist from Illinois answered…1mo

Make all drugs legal so it can be monitored by the government.

@9N62WJ2Constitution from Indiana answered…1mo

@9N5VTB4Women’s Equality from Michigan answered…1mo

I have no personal experience or knowledge to make this decision.

@9N5T3FFConstitution from Louisiana answered…1mo

@9N5N48BDemocrat from New York answered…1mo

No, but drug dealers should eventually face time for multiple transgressions.

@9N5PCWXRepublican from Michigan answered…1mo

Yes, but only per drug possession. Not increasing amount the more often they get caught.

@9N5JQ7DDemocrat from New York answered…1mo

@9N5GWKPGreen from Texas answered…1mo

@9N59TSVWorking Family from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

No jail. Help them better themselves in a rehabilitation center

@9N59369American from Texas answered…1mo

Have a sentence for drug users but the dealers and more heavy drug abusers should get a longer sentence.

@9N57TXJDemocrat from California answered…1mo

I think that people with drug possession should get some time in jail, not a lot, but the dealer should get a much longer time in jail for selling to minors or people that are not allowed to have possession of drugs.

@9N56NJMDemocrat from Nebraska answered…1mo

As Long as the person who used to be in possession is clear from being an addict then yes.

@9N4Y2NKPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…1mo

They shouldn't go to jail for non-violent drug charges. This fact disproportionately affects POC. Ex. "War on Drugs"

@9N4P63CRepublican from Indiana answered…1mo

there should be a time for both but the dealer is longer and the user a time to think about what they have done

@9N4MPJHConstitution from Minnesota answered…1mo

They should rather be held for community service and fees instead of having the government pay for their stay in jail

@9N4KBN2Socialist from California answered…1mo

This all depends on the situation. If they are a drug dealer, have been caught with drugs frequently, or are causing harm to themselves or others from the drugs they are doing their jail time should be increased.


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