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@9QKL8MPGreen from California answered…1wk

@9QKKHF8Constitution from Maryland answered…1wk

No but college and university tuition is too high. Lower the cost by cutting over inflated salaries.

@9QPRGCGDemocrat from Florida answered…1 day

If grades are kept up and showing exceptional performance then collge should be payed for for them.

@9QPFSP3Green from Texas answered…2 days

I think that the government should pay for the people who have worked and earned it through grades, attendance, scores, etc. But give options for others below them to apply for this.

@9QNYP43Socialist from Ohio answered…3 days

Yes, but only if the degree is currently being used in your profession.

@9QNM8HNDemocrat from California answered…3 days

I think if a student is going to college straight from highschool they shouldnt pay a tuition. unless your and older person with a job going back to school

@9PZWHW4Independent from Michigan answered…4wks

Liberal Arts is the only form of education which should not be free.

@9PZW76VDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…4wks

Yes, but only for public state run university or community colleges.

@9PZG7J9Women’s Equalityfrom Pennsylvania  answered…4wks

@Nicole-KubesLibertarianfrom Texas  answered…4wks

yes, but should not be limited to four year colleges and universities

@9PZ5CD5Libertarian from Texas answered…4wks

No, but provide tuition to further education applicable to all schoolings

@9PYZ3BDAmerican Solidarity from Illinois answered…4wks

Yes, but there should be an exam that students must pass to receive this tuition.

@9PYW5JJGreen from Michigan answered…4wks

Yes, but students must maintain a grade level of a C or better

@9PYBGP5Libertarian from Kansas answered…4wks

No, but offer federal grants to students with high academics

@9PXR3YRSocialist from Utah answered…4wks

should be free to students who’s households that make less than 125,000 a year

@9PXK632Women’s Equality from New Jersey answered…4wks

Obtaining a college degree should be handle like social security. You work for 30 years and retire with social security. School should be taxed and everyone can afford to go to school. More college graduates can increase the economy

@9PXGP3SIndependent from North Carolina answered…4wks

Yes, but without allowing private institutions to raise the tuition.

@9PXG287Peace and Freedom from Missouri answered…4wks

Drastically lower tuition costs to be where they were in the 70's and 80's, adjusted for inflation, not inflated out of control.

@9NZMBBPPeace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…1mo

Lower the cost so a person working at minimum wage can still go to college.

@PgcarronWomen’s Equality from Utah answered…1mo

No, but decrease tuition, lower interest rates, and provide more scholarship opportunities for low-income students

@9NZ23ZDTranshumanist from Connecticut answered…1mo

Yes as long as students can provide the grades to prove they want to be in college. Otherwise people will take advantage of the system

@9NYZQB9Transhumanist from New York answered…1mo

Yes. To those who show a perpencity towards learning. There should also be free education for trades such as electricians and plumbers.

@9NYYRRYConstitution from South Carolina answered…1mo

No, but provide more scholarships and lower interest rates in student loans

@9NYXN5CIndependent from California answered…1mo

@9NYRX4ZDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

No, but provide more scholarships for everyone in college and more opportunities financially

@9NXFBHJTranshumanist from Nebraska answered…1mo

Have the government pay for public colleges just like the K-12 public schools.

@9NW6XJ7Women’s Equality from Alabama answered…1mo

The whole education system needs a redo. Not every child is meant for further education. Around early teen age, students should be evaluated.

@9NVZQ3JConstitution from Illinois answered…1mo

no funding for anyone, get government out of the picture. they created this mess because every university wants to soak as much money out of the government as possible. When colleges are receiving less money and less students prices will fall to get more students and revenue in.

@9NVVL9CPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…1mo

The federal government pay for tuition for two years of higher education.

@9NVV3NKIndependent from California answered…1mo

@9NV9LJDWomen’s Equality from Iowa answered…1mo

Maybe. The cost of tuition is getting very high and unaffordable for many.

@9NV9JJ6Women’s Equality from Illinois answered…1mo

@9NV72WRDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…1mo

public education should provide sufficient education/skills for most jobs at no cost to students

@9NTZ2KXTranshumanist from California answered…1mo

No, but they should lower the amount needed to go to higher education colleges

@9NG6WKHSocialist from North Carolina answered…1mo

@9NTQ8GFGreen from Texas answered…1mo

No, but cap a limit on tuition cost and loan interest rates.

@9NT4YB2Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…1mo

Tuition rates should be much lower, and low income families should be required to receive a reasonable amount of financial aid by both the government and their school of choice.


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