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@9L6P4V6Republican from Louisiana answered…1mo

@9LGG3C9Women’s Equality from South Carolina answered…1mo

@9L8NFJKRepublican from Utah answered…1mo

Make recommendations for it and then allow local governments mandate masks according to local needs.

@9L7JS4FRepublican from Virginia answered…1mo

No, local government should determine if their precinct needs protection based upon scientific data and legislative representation.

@9LFFHH6Republican from Minnesota answered…1mo

I think that it should be a choice because some people aren't as worried about it. If people end up getting it because they chose not to wear a mask that it their own problem.

@9KJ8CHCWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…1mo

yes it'll help stop the spread but only indoors, crowded areas and places that require you by their own rules

@9KJ69MLRepublican from Nebraska answered…1mo

It would be up to that person if they wanted to wear it or not.

@9KHJD68Women’s Equality from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, but make sure people with health conditions have masks that won't harm them.

@9KH9ZX8Women’s Equality from North Carolina answered…1mo

Yes, except for certain medical conditions but not for long just until we find a better way to deal with it, we can´t hide forever.

@9KH8V2HConstitution from Texas answered…1mo

People who are scared, or more at risk of the virus should take all the necessary precautions. Whereas people who want to get back to normality should be able to do so, dangerous freedom over controlled fear

@9KGYQRZDemocrat from Ohio answered…1mo

Why is Donald Trump is the president? I mean he is doing some good things

@9KGYPRPWorking Family from Michigan answered…1mo

Require if a large group surrounding you have symptoms but never out doors.

@9KGW4HGGreen from Missouri answered…1mo

i feel like if people want to wear masks they can and if they dont want to wear one then they dont have too.

@JAYDEN-ADKINSDemocrat from Iowa answered…1mo

yes,but only when your near people or in an infectious area

@9KFWXMHSocialist from Georgia answered…1mo

Incentivize businesses to implement masks, or increase taxes for businesses who do not.

@9KDWWH7Democrat from North Carolina answered…1mo

@9KDRLPDRepublican from Missouri answered…1mo

No the federal government or state government should never mandate the wearing a face mask governments should make sure the most accurate information is out there and let the people decide for themselves

@9KDLS7CAmerican Solidarity from Ohio answered…1mo

The government should not require those who have already had the virus to wear a mask since they are no longer susceptible to the virus nor harmful to anyone else.

@9KDBDSKVeteran from Illinois answered…1mo

@9KCT424Women’s Equality from Georgia answered…1mo

This is a matter of personal responsibility. Adequate information is available to allow my individuals to assess risk. The government should put similar warnings like cigarettes.

@9KCG5HDVeteran from Washington answered…1mo

No, the government should leave people alone & let them live their own lives. No mask... they dont work. Stop the media fearmongering

@9KBVYXTPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, so long as another person(s) is within the wearer's vicinity.

@9KBPXJ2Libertarian from Wyoming answered…1mo

@9KBJ4BHAmerican from California answered…1mo

@9KBHX67Republican from Georgia answered…1mo

@Ejames2126Republican from California answered…1mo

No, but they should provide guidelines to state and local officials who, in turn, can implement then based on the local risk factor

@9KB6YY3Green from Arizona answered…1mo

@9K9N9SPVeteran from Texas answered…1mo

States and cities should decide. A rural town would not have the same risk as a populous city.

@CTPope74Constitution from Maryland answered…1mo

No, Amendment 10. Federal Government should stay out of it.

@9K98PGMRepublican from Oregon answered…1mo

It should be a recommendation that the public can make an educated decision to follow or not

@9K932DPRepublican from California answered…1mo

under certain circumstances they should but if it is with close people you have been with and trust no.

@9K8WNLRIndependent from Indiana answered…1mo

@9K8MT8XWorking Family from Maryland answered…1mo

Yes, but only for those with high-risk diseases and health conditions

@9K8DJ7KConstitution from Missouri answered…1mo

No, the government should make recommendations based on the most current scientific data, not mandates. Businesses should decide for themselves.

@9K8BTRDRepublicanfrom Guam  answered…1mo

@9K85BLBLibertarian from New York answered…1mo

@9K8569SVeteran from Washington answered…1mo

No, but 6 feet rule and regulated stores and closing bars/recreational places that are indoors and only allowing curbside pick up or delivery for restaurant

@9K842VMConstitution from Wisconsin answered…1mo

COVID is the BIGGEST POLITICAL SCAM IN ALL OF AMERICAS HISTORY. there are so many numbers being grown at us how do you even know who to trust anymore. All of you people are sick and I’m not talking about corona virus, sick in the way of issuing media to control the general population in to steering them into decisions they should make themselves not based upon media

@9K7WKWFPeace and Freedom from California answered…1mo

People should not be ADVISED to wear masks. People should be REQUIRED to wear masks.


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