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@6C5L688Greenfrom New York  answered…1mo

Eliminate tenure, hold higher education accountable to performance and outcomes. Emphasis on critical thinking, not political indoctrination

@9QFTX9RDemocrat from Kansas answered…2wks

depends, I feel that we should increase taxes on billionaires\millionaires, they have enough money so why not?

@6LRTGGFSocialistfrom Arkansas  answered…1mo

The problem is that the cost of colleges has increased so dramatically compared to average income. Regulations should be put in place to bring these closer together. I also think that providing money for early childhood education, arts programs in schools, and after school programs would better benefit society than putting that money towards paying for people to go to college.

@6C8H7SGRepublicanfrom Texas  answered…1mo

US schools are run badly. By 10th grade you SHOULD be done with lower education. Grades 11-12 should be the first 2 years of college or trade school.
After that you can continue with college for full degree or jump into the work force in the trade you trained for.

@6C97GS4Republicanfrom Indiana  answered…1mo

Every time funding is increased the tuition goes up. How can other country's provide college and all we can provide is instant debt without any guarantees of being able to finish school?

@9QP9P8BPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…2 days

I think the taxes for the rich should stay the same but lower the tax rate for the poor/middle class.

@9QP5YQLDemocrat from Illinois answered…2 days

Only the very top percent should be taxed and that money should go to reducing student loans

@9QNWVJ6Women’s Equality from Kentucky answered…2 days

I think yes and no depending on how the individual came to be wealthy.

@9QN9LC2Peace and Freedom from California answered…4 days

I think that it should be an option on tax forms, but not required, because if someone works hard for their money then they deserve to decide what they do with it.

@9QN4CG5Peace and Freedom from California answered…4 days

@9PJ2GJKWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

its a tuff question because just think as of it as you were a rich person and they started taxing you more than you usually do you might be a little mad i would be they make their money fair and most times easier then middle class - kinda wealthy.

@9PCNM8XWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Only the richest people (people with multiple houses, cars, etc...) should have their taxes increased, but one needs that much would go to far better use for public benefit than for frivolous spending.

@9PCM2FGVeteran from Massachusetts answered…1mo

No, Stop paying the college professors and administration so much money and reduce the cost of the education. Not everyone goes to college.

@9PCGLJ7Constitution from Michigan answered…1mo

@9PCDJXDConstitution from Mississippi answered…1mo

No, but the government should pay for part of it for people that can not pay for it or pay for it and later in life then charge them when they can pay for it.

@9PCBKQ8Transhumanist from Mississippi answered…1mo

Yes but if they dont want increased taxes then find another option to help reduce interest rates for student loans

@9PC8GQ5American Solidarity from California answered…1mo

@9PC799BWorking Family from Colorado answered…1mo

Interest rates do not necessarily need to be reduced but there needs to be more utilization of student loan forgiveness programs and/or tax credits for those carrying a student loa debt.

@9PC47WPIndependent from West Virginia answered…1mo

Yes, but eventually the trickle down effect is going to cause problems with low-income households because everything is gonna be taxed higher.

@9PBLHGZRepublican from Illinois answered…1mo

Rich is a relative term and I wish it was more properly define

@9PBGYF7American Solidarity from Utah answered…1mo

I don't taxes should be raised at all, the richer people earned that money, they had to work at some point in their lives to get it.

@9PBCT9RWomen’s Equality from Connecticut answered…1mo

@9PB5KN2Libertarian from Michigan answered…1mo

No, it shouldnt be any ones responsibility to pay for other peoples choices

@9PB4Q6GTranshumanist from New Jersey answered…1mo

Fix the top tax brackets so they actually pay the taxes they owe.

@9PB325GAmerican Solidarity from Indiana answered…1mo

This makes me think of segregation but in modern society. But sadly not all rich people are nice. They might tend to look down on the poor or they might not but maybe they could have a little higher tax since they can both afford it and it is more useful for the money to be used for the future generation's education.

@9P9S5QRWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1mo

A system where the rich 1% have to give back to the rest of the middle and lower classes. Still, those going to school need to work for it as well...

@9P9S496Socialist from Indiana answered…1mo

No, federal loans and private loans taken out for tuition at a public school should be forgiven. Remove the need for loans by making public education tuition paid for via taxes.

@9P8YZWLConstitution from Montana answered…1mo

No, everyone earns money based on what they're doing. Their taxes should be the same percentage as everyone else. Reducing student loans slightly could help students.

@9P8Q4FNRepublican from Texas answered…1mo

I believe it is unfair that the people who have worked hard to get to where they are now, are being equal to people who aren’t working for it and are just being handed money from the government. Most people who have ‘more’ money (not everyone one but most) have been smart in the past weather with taxes or their degrees and have earned where they are now.

@9P87PRCWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…1mo

Increase taxes on the rich to help the middle and lower class survive comfortably.

@9P86J4TGreen from Texas answered…1mo

Reallocate funds from the military to education systems and public schools

@9P7RVYVTranshumanist from New Jersey answered…1mo

If you're rich and your taxes raise, you will still be rich. However, people who need student loans obviously don't have the money to pay them off. So yes.

@9P7JQSTLibertarian from Virginia answered…1mo

No, there should be a flat tax so everyone pays their fair share.

@9P624RFRepublican from Iowa answered…1mo

@9P5ZMPQTranshumanist from Maryland answered…1mo

No, but we should increase taxes on all in order to reduce interest rates for student loans.


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