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@5WZ9M5PDemocratfrom Kentucky  answered…1mo

I support the revitalizing and strengthening of something called The Hill-Burton Act of 1944, original healthcare-for-all bill, signed into law by then US President Harry S. Truman in August of 1944...Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced with this law, a law already on the books!

@5RQPGF5Democratfrom New York  answered…1mo

Its a half measure that will never work. Either privatize or socialize it.

@5SF24HRGreenfrom California  answered…1mo

Health care is not a market commodity and should be considered a right like legal aid or public education. The ACA subsidizes private insurance companies with tax money, a form of corporate welfare. Single payer system, allowing for both public & private delivery, is preferable..

@5SJYZ89Democratfrom Maine  answered…1mo

The Scandinavian way: people should pay out of their own pocket up to a certain limit after which healthcare gets covered by tax money.

@5SW5LGZGreenfrom Maine  answered…1mo

@5RPZDKLGreenfrom North Carolina  answered…1mo

No, Obamacare set the struggle for single payer back an entire generation

@5TJ9X6PDemocratfrom New York  answered…1mo

That was actually Hillary health reform! Reagan administration denied it!

@5SWSJFKDemocratfrom Ohio  answered…1mo

medicaid OFFERED to everyone. I also think that we should be able to import drugs from other countries

@67WKNMDRepublicanfrom Kansas  answered…1mo

HELL NO!!!! Any law that's passed but exempts congress should be shoved up the asses of those who shoved it upon us citizens

@5XVNJ4XRepublicanfrom California  answered…1mo

I want to see socialism in America only when it comes to insurance. I want to see the private sector of insurance eliminated to eliminate the ridiculous over inflation of medical treatment and services. I want to see an even playing field across the board and if you choose to spend more of your own money on certain medical experiences, and there can be different price points.

@5SVDLJCRepublicanfrom California  answered…1mo

Too much emphasis is placed on current medicine! "Modern " medicine is still not very good!

Many Americans get too caught up in medicine when IN FACT health is easily maintained, for example eat natural healthy foods, exercise, and have a good Attitude, etc.

@5SWQJ6RConstitutionfrom Arizona  answered…1mo

I find it hypocritical for Congress to enact a law from which they have excluded themselves.

@kmwhite59Democratfrom California  answered…1mo

No, it is just a ploy by pharmaceutical companies and the government to get the American people hooked on pharmaceuticals from the womb to the tomb.

@5WQKCJPDemocratfrom Michigan  answered…1mo

The reason healthcare is a problem is because our economy has been hijacked by special interest and is progressively destroying the ability for people to fund their necessities.

@5Z9BQFKGreenfrom Guam  answered…1mo

No I don't. I do think the government (if there is one) has an obligation to promote HEALTH and how people can stay healthy. Programs funded by the government should be in line with this and corporations promoting products harmful to health ( which would raise the cost of healthcare across the board and burden the taxpayer((if there was a government healthcare system)) should be required to label such products as "harmful to health" and tax the corporations heavily. Certain ingredients should be banned and companies found promoting profit over health should be put out of business. Also, these companies should NOT be allowed to sponsor sporting events Pepsi, Frito Lay, Marlboro, Budweiser...). Marketing to children should be considered a crime.

@5SW6LNRRepublicanfrom New York  answered…1mo

Probably one of the top three most complicated and important issue. I am not opposed to a single payer system but quality of care can not suffer for cost. I think that insurance companies are literally killing this country. I am willing try almost anything at this point.

@6C3STJSJustice party memberfrom New Jersey  answered…1mo

Big Pharma needs to be dismantled, and the cure for Cancer needs to be made available. What do you think people are stupid. You gotta bunch of fat cats making millions off of hospital bills, drug costs, and treatment for people's health. They literally destroy lives, emotionally, financially and mortally

@5S7HXBJDemocratfrom New Jersey  answered…1mo

The law for decades has been that anyone coming to an emergency room is entitled to appropriate care regardless of their ability to pay. Unless we are willing to go back to the times when people got turned away from hospitals and died of easily treatable conditions because they couldn't pay for treatment, we have already made the decision that society as a whole is responsible for everyone's health care. All we have to work out is how we are going to pay for it. The system prior to "Obamacare" was grotesquely inefficient in terms of how much it cost and how many people did not get appropriate

@5WBTXNNRepublicanfrom Arizona  answered…1mo

No. The ACA is an obvious socialist wealth redistribution scheme. The public through their government should have a vested interest in general public health. However, personal responsibility for one's health should be Naturally Darwinistic and can never be effectively managed by government.

@5RZYML5Republicanfrom Florida  answered…1mo

It is discriminatory and totally unfair to cigarette smokers which discrimination is illegal. The cost for smoking surcharges are unfair to only one vice in this world of vices, obesity is just as deadly, if not more.

@vee-dubRepublicanfrom New York  answered…1mo

The best thing about the healthcare act is mandate children up to 26 can remain on parent insurance policy. This helped our children a great deal until they could find employment that offered health insurance.
I'm sure there are some other things that are good. I'm just sure what they are.
The cost and penalty is prohibitive. It harms people and their way of living due to cost.

@67WB8M6Republicanfrom Wisconsin  answered…1mo

We live in a world. Do you think our allies care. The acts do not cover everything. One time you go to the hospital is all it takes and your screwed! Free medical and college. Everyone one should go to an armed forces. Education is the BIGGEST discrimination.

@5X44736Democratfrom California  answered…1mo

No, it's my right to decide if i want health insurance for my body or not. I'm not a car that has a possibility of hitting another car or property or person. It's my body. I shouldn't be penalized for not getting one.

@5RT9W57Democratfrom Texas  answered…1mo

@5XX8C9ZLibertarianfrom Kansas  answered…1mo

The PPACA has nothing to do with healthcare. It is an alternative tax system that should be abolished.

@5RKWQFNRepublicanfrom Oregon  answered…1mo

Healthcare has sky-rocketed due to insurance companies and lawyers. Deal with them and leave the medical profession alone. To penalize those who choose NOT to have Health care is ludicrous.

@5TM6CZNDemocratfrom New York  answered…1mo

Adopt Canadian or European healthcare system. Pharmaceutical companies own the USA.

@5SJNSG8Democratfrom Oklahoma  answered…1mo

No. I still can't afford it, so I'm going to be fined hundreds of dollars that I can't afford??? Healthcare should be free for everyone or not required. We can't have both.

@5SRN8RXRepublicanfrom Florida  answered…1mo

We need to encourage more competition in our society as a whole and in the medical community especially.

@9QPZ2FDSocialist from Delaware answered…1 day

@9QPGVZWVeteran from Wisconsin answered…2 days

I support the majority of the idea but it will be incredibly hard to integrate and will come a lot of disadvantages.

@9QNLH5LGreen from Ohio answered…3 days

@9QKY3SZVeteran from Colorado answered…1wk

Yes, Like regulations on health care providers so can’t charge outrages prices, but no, because don’t believe in subsidized healthcare plans

@9QKQHDJLibertarian from Oregon answered…1wk

@9QKK9TZRepublican from New York answered…1wk

Cut drug prices and make private Healthcare more affordable

@9QJLXT8Veteran from Rhode Island answered…2wks

No, the healthcare system needs to be reformed, however. We need tort reform to lower the upfront cost to medical providers, and regulation of pharmeseutical prices.

@9QJ4SM8Republican from New York answered…2wks

Everyone should pay the same $ amount across the board. Make it cheap but I shouldn't have to pay more then someone else

@9QHJV82Women’s Equality from Missouri answered…2wks

I support universal healthcare for conception to 18 years of age, and I believe those who have healthcare should be allowed to add whomever they want to their plan (for an added cost).

@9QGBJRJWomen’s Equality from Mississippi answered…2wks

I do support it, but I think that more should be added to it.

@9QCHR6VVeteranfrom Guam  answered…3wks

No, I support no part of the corruption between the federal as well as state governments, health insurance companies and healthcare providers

@9QCHBCZVeteran from Washington answered…3wks

No because of the ACA my insurance quality for my family went down and I pay more now and that was 6 years ago so there has been no benefit.

@9QCFNTDCommunistfrom Guam  answered…3wks

just give them universal healthcare or medicare for all instead of obamacare

@9Q7ZHW3Peace and Freedom from South Dakota answered…3wks

@9Q7XBPKSocialist from Texas answered…3wks

@9Q7T9G2Libertarian from Georgia answered…3wks

No, the affordable care act failed to accomplish what it set out to do. Healthcare reform is still necessary.

@9Q7Q2JMTranshumanist from Florida answered…3wks


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