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@5T7T6K8Democratfrom Texas  answered…1mo

No, not to $15 an hour. I did not go into significant school debt for a degree that pays less than an employee at Mcdonalds. What would have been the point? That basically tells me I went into debt for nothing. I am drowning in school debt for NOTHING! Raising the minimum wage that much will only cause job loss, more automation and higher job competition. Which like in my industry means more unpaid 'internships' and less paid jobs with high competition. You can't make a living working for free.

@5SP7982Republicanfrom California  answered…1mo

It should have a minimum but it combines a number of issues: It goes up like it always has in small incremental stages:Yes, and adjust it every year according to inflation - No, most minimum wage jobs are meant to develop experience, not support a family - No, this will only cause prices to increase in a never ending cycle

@5SPLBGFGreenfrom Tennessee  answered…1mo

No, This should be on a state level. Putting Mississippi and Washington in the same economic bracket is foolish

@5SN5HTGConstitutionfrom Utah  answered…1mo

@5SNM3SSDemocratfrom Washington  answered…1mo

Due to the varying levels of cost of living across the nation the federal government should not set a wage but set standards for increases based off COL increases in areas

@5SJPNGGSocialistfrom Texas  answered…1mo

Yes, as businesses that cannot pay workers living wages should not have workers.

@5T5B633Republicanfrom Virginia  answered…1mo

For fast food workers, absolutely not! But depending on what job, then yes!!! Our Military should have the highest paying jobs and they definitely DO NOT!!!

@5SHG9ZZRepublicanfrom Michigan  answered…1mo

If you increase minimum wage, raise the already employed the same percentage as you do minimum wage. There is no reason an entry level employee should make the same as a senior employee!

@5RVG88WGreenfrom Georgia  answered…1mo

I believe that all of these stances hold some truth. Most minimum wage jobs aren't meant to support families and increasing the minimum wage will increase prices and result in a drastic loss in available jobs as more companies will begin to replace human workers with machines. But I also believe that the wage should be increased to some extent to make our lives easier and adjusting it by age group so that a forty year old man isn't making the same wage as a sixteen year old kid.

@6B6PNRDSocialistfrom California  answered…1mo

No because people who went to college worked their butts off just to get $15 and people who didn't go to school are just being handed money for not finishing school or having low skills

@5RTXG3ZConstitutionfrom Florida  answered…1mo

No one will work more that 20 hours a week, if that, with a higher minimum wage. Companies will artificially inflate their number of workers because they will each work about 4 hours a day. Less work, less money, less "unemployment".

@5RT33BNRepublicanfrom Tennessee  answered…1mo

Two points: minimum wage laws are immoral for several reasons not the least of which is a violation of private property rights of the owner and the right of contract for the prospective employee. It is none of the government's business how people earn a living.

@5TZR3RRDemocratfrom Connecticut  answered…1mo

Yes, but also increase the EITCs (earned income tax credit) just as much

@5SJLYVYLibertarianfrom New York  answered…1mo

No, this will cause prices to increase in a never ending cycle as well as reward bad employees and punish good employees, and hurts businesses who can't afford it

@5SP7BNDDemocratfrom Alabama  answered…1mo

Yes, and make it enough to keep a full time worker at minimum wage above the poverty line.

@5YDFS5LGreenfrom Maine  answered…1mo

@5SNJVVKDemocratfrom Kentucky  answered…1mo

NO they should not. Lower the cost of food and groceries there is so much waste in the U.S. as it is. why not lower prices so the food sells. would also save money on welfare pay outs.

@9QQ2F4YVeteran from Rhode Island answered…1 day

Should be adjusted per state, state economies are drastically different.

@9QN3L8MConstitution from Texas answered…4 days

A combo of "No, this will only cause prices to increase in a never ending cycle" and "No, most minimum wage jobs are meant to develop experience, not support a family"

@9QMLC86Democrat from Colorado answered…5 days

I think they shouldn’t have a minimum wage and pay everyone the same

@9Q8KWXZVeteran from Georgia answered…3wks

@9Q86M3ZIndependent from Missouri answered…3wks

Why not abolish minimum wage and let employers pay what they wish?

@9Q7XBPKSocialist from Texas answered…3wks

@9Q7RSWQConstitution from North Carolina answered…3wks

@9Q7464KTranshumanist from Virginia answered…3wks

No, with varying economies and costs of living across states, it’s a state problem

@9Q6SX5NConstitution from Kansas answered…3wks

@9Q6PFRRVeteran from Louisiana answered…3wks

@9Q6F935Democrat from Maryland answered…3wks

Minimum wage should change gradually. The cost of living has increased. Families are living in poverty and living paycheck to paycheck. Even workers with experience are getting paid less than they deserve.

@9Q5ZP5YDemocrat from Connecticut answered…4wks

instead, implement a UBI this would help small businesses stay alive and reduce the risk of large corporations automating away jobs

@9Q46VZCConstitution from Virginia answered…4wks

@Sabrina-AnilaoIndependent from California answered…4wks

I don't think the answer is to increase the raise on minimum wage, even though a raise would be terrific. However, if you were to raise minimum wage it would raise the cost for other businesses to operate. It also depends on the economy.

@Joshua-PlayzWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…4wks

Yes, I think they should raise minimum wage to $8.00 an hour.

@9Q3TWLCPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…4wks

@9Q3CNCJProgressive from Indiana answered…4wks

States should be in charge of minimum wage because price of the good will increase with the increase of minimum wage.

@9Q3R5PBRepublican from South Carolina answered…4wks

@9Q37Y8DRepublican from Connecticut answered…4wks

The issue of minimum wage is that these United States are not a "one size fits all" situation. $7.50 an hour in Connecticut or California would be impossible to live on as the cost of living in these states is much higher than the average. In a state like Tennessee or West Virginia, the cost of living is much lower, therefore, allowing one making minimum wage to afford to live. Another issue to take into account is where the burden falls. A locally owned business cannot necessarily afford to pay employees $15 an hour and may buckle, layoff employees, or both. Similarly, even though chain

@9Q2JS2PConstitution from North Carolina answered…4wks

@YostIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…4wks

Yes, adjust it to the average across all states every 10 years

@9PZ35L5Transhumanist from Kentucky answered…4wks

@9PYTFPBProgressive from Vermont answered…4wks

Minimum wage is not the issue; students debts and the cost of living should be reduced

@9PY8MGYLibertarian from Texas answered…4wks

It should be raised to adjust for inflation, but with extreme care so as to not accelerate automation of jobs or hyper inflate prices

@9PXJVX7Constitution from New York answered…4wks


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