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If the Presidential election were held today, which candidate would you vote for?


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Last answered 2 months ago

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* Data estimated by matching users to U.S. Census data block groups via the American Community Survey (2007-2011)

Total votes

a. CNN Democratic Debate

1 year ago by washingtonpost.com

e. CNN Reagan Library Debate

2 years ago by cnn.com

f. Bernie Sanders Draws 28,000 People In Portland

2 years ago by washingtonpost.com

g. Fox News GOP Debate

2 years ago by foxnews.com

h. Hillary Releases Economic Agenda

2 years ago by c-span.org

i. Rand Paul takes a chainsaw to taxcode

2 years ago by politico.com

j. Scott Walker Enters Race

2 years ago by nytimes.com

k. Donald Trump Enters Presidential Race

2 years ago by bloomberg.com

l. Bernie Sanders Enters Presidential Race

2 years ago by nytimes.com

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