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“We should not support Israel's continued expansion and illegal activities in that region. We should support Palestine's attempts to rebuild their infrastructure. Terrorists should be treated as terrorists, but we should not continue to impoverish and punish all Palestinians because some are terrorists. Some of the Israelis have been acting like terrorists too. We should only offer infrastructure support to any country, not encourage or support a first stoke mentality like the one that exists in certain levels of Israel today. It would be like us blowing up Texas because the Davidians were in Waco. The Palestinians suffer as much from intimidation and egregious actions by the terrorists in their communities as the Israelis do. They need to help each other eliminate those elements in both cultural groups, rather than the Israelis punishing the Palestinians because they didn't run fast enough or always run when the Israelis invaded their country in the 1940s.”

From a Democrat in Loughman, FL
In reponse to: Should the U.S. continue to support Israel?

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