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“It is a persons right to have medical marijuana. They should not be taxed like it is a cigarette. Edible Marijuana should be legal. Growing you own is not to be taxed or be illegal. Hemp is used for many things, stop cutting down the rain forest and use Stalks of Hemp, it used to be done. Not only does it save the trees and the planet, but it is more durable then tree's..
Release all people who were arrested for Marijuana crimes, not narcotics.\
The Federal Government has Methadone clinics, not just for Vietnam veterans. Close that program down. People are getting free pass for a dangerous drug, and marijuana is a bigger issue? That is like taxing me for growing flowers and roses. The Dumb Cane plant is toxic should someone be arrested for owning one? The Federal Government needs to stop funding drug clinics. Methadone clinics should be for those who need it, and funding to help them from dependency on narcotics. Why is methadone given to everyone at Clinics from the Federal Level? This should be a health care issue prescribed by VA, and Internal Medicine Doctors. The ones the Federal Government has turned into druggies should be admitted to drug program, at the expense of the Government, not the tax payers.”

From a Constitution in Tulsa, OK
In reponse to: Do you support the legalization of Marijuana?

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