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“I believe that prices raise every year as it is, regardless of a raised minimum wage. It's apparent that minimum wage is not enough to support people. A single mother working on her own must work 2-3 full hours just to buy one can of formula for her child. Thats 2-3 hours from her life for only a can of formula, to be able to afford anything other takes up all the time she has and then some. I believe that companies should stop being selfish and realize that if they require the time of their employee's so they can run things, than their employee's reserve the right to make enough so that they can actually live; and its about time that these companies stop relying on the government for their so called shortages. The most important factor of this is sure they need to further their educations and experiences before they can expect to make more, but time also is money and minimum wage employers just don't care. Maybe we should look at how much they make and how much they can afford on their their lifestyle choices then compare that to their employee's. Maybe if we lessen the financially needy we can afford to subsidize companies that are selling to retail, etc or subsidize the companies who are most impacted by a min. wage increase. The fact of the matter is we need to either lower the price of goods, bills, rent, gas, etc... or we need to raise the wage marker and stop them from increasing the prices yet again. I believe if we let the raise settle in we'll see that it doesn't affect us after all and will instead lessen the reliance on our government.”

From a Democrat in Belleville, IL
In reponse to: Should the government raise the federal minimum wage?

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