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“No minimum wages hurt low income workers. I was an unwanted child born into a family with 7 other siblings, color blind, deaf in one ear and legally blind; I did not know it until Junior High School. My family got much of our food, clothing and other items from a local garbage dump. With high minimum wages, and current childhood labor protection laws, I would never have been able to work my way through college and Veterinary School; enter the Army and serve nearly six years of foreign service before going back to college to become a Veterinary Pathologist. I am retired as an Army Reserve Colonel and a retired Veterinary Pathologist (no thanks to the Obama Administration). Quite frankly, with the current minimum age and child labor laws, I would not stand a snow ball in HELLs chance of accomplishing anything that I accomplished in life - in Obama's Dream World, I would have been condemned to a life of living on Welfare. No thanks Mr. President.”

From a Republican in Ivins, UT
In reponse to: Should the government raise the federal minimum wage?

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