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@9QPRND9Democrat from North Carolina answered…1 day

if the materials they have are not going to protect our country then they can increase if we are doing fine then no.

@9QPP9JWWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…1 day

They should decrease it during peace times and only increase it when we need our military for conflict.

@9QP5TMBWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…2 days

I think they should leave it alone and at least put something towards them getting better food.

@9QNM8HNDemocrat from California answered…3 days

@9N3K3GQDemocrat from Maryland answered…1mo

If we have military troops stationed in hostile territory during war increase military spending but if we are not at war decrease military spending

@9N38N5VWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…1mo

Depends on the needs and our future threats. DOD is not a jobs program and should align funding with needs not to just spend a lot of money for the sake of it

@9N38L42Democrat from New York answered…1mo

The amount can stay the same, though I feel they should spend the money wisely and on things that are needed.

@9N2TGN2Peace and Freedom from Indiana answered…1mo

Neither, they should the money they have wisely and in some cases, better.

@9N2H4SBPeace and Freedom from Indiana answered…1mo

Both cause the military needs the right to have a certain amount spent on them and once they have a spicified amount then give money to the places that need it more and make sure we get healty food so that we get food poisning

@9MZYX6XWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…1mo

It depends what their spending it on and what there using the money for.

@9MZSV2CIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

neither but they should spend more money on helping the veterans who were in the wars.

@9MZK5TMConstitution from Texas answered…1mo

The government should do what is best for the Country and the Military as a whole. If they need more than they should increase but if not they should leave it where it is.

@9MYZ3CLDemocrat from New York answered…1mo

They should have some for the military. Then use some for the homeland.

@9MYSRNKConstitution from Delaware answered…1mo

Keep funding the same but stop the systemic waste and overrun built in to R&D and new contracts.

@9MYRNZRRepublican from North Carolina answered…1mo

They should try to keep it balanced to other stuff they have to put money into.

@9MY2F3PWomen’s Equality from Maryland answered…1mo

I believe only if their is cold hard evidence of this wrongdoing than you shall give then a fair trial no matter what.

@9MXZCL8Women’s Equalityfrom Maine  answered…1mo

i think they need to focus on the soldiers who as returned home, if they need help

@9MXWXMVVeteran from Minnesota answered…1mo

There is plenty of money in the military budget. We need to prevent contractors from inflating prices to reduce spending, but keep a large military.

@9MX9PDYLibertarian from Colorado answered…1mo

I would need to understand the current budgets better and their spending for the long term strategic purpose.

@9MWZJYFDemocrat from California answered…1mo

@9MWTWWYTranshumanist from New York answered…1mo

@9MW825VRepublican from Michigan answered…1mo

Streamline process, remove criteria that branch spends full amount given or loses yearly funding,

@9MW7BH9Veteran from Florida answered…1mo

Do a budget analysis and keep it level based on current needs, inflation, and leave budget increases open for time of war.

@9MW5QNZVeteran from Michigan answered…1mo

We should be analyzing the need and be invoked with elected officials on progress and support for our military and safety.

@9MVXVXBPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…1mo

Decrease because they can easily lower the budget and remain the same

@9MVXBB4Working Family from South Carolina answered…1mo

If the spendings are actually beneficial to helping our country and our people

@9MVSM2GPeace and Freedom from Colorado answered…1mo

Pay the military personnel better and provide better medical coverage. But not more for research or equipment or war

@9MVKNRMWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

@9MVHLX5Working Family from Virginia answered…1mo

We should always fund for the people fighting for our country

@9MV463VLibertarian from Tennessee answered…1mo

@9MV3KX4Women’s Equality from Illinois answered…1mo

I don't really know. If its REALLY important than I guess increase it.

@9MTXS2VLibertarian from California answered…1mo

End all the wars. Then we won’t need to spend as much anyway.

@9MTX9DVPeace and Freedom from Arizona answered…1mo

i think they shouldnt spend a ton of money on the milatary but still fund it.

@9MTLY77Women’s Equality from Florida answered…1mo

They should make a smaller military and use more money for the people

@9MTCLQMDemocrat from Missouri answered…1mo


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