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@9LHK22RConstitution from Utah answered…1mo

No, taxes should be the same percentage for everybody, and they should abolish income tax

@9QQ3DNNConstitution from California answered…23hrs

@9QPS899Women’s Equality from Ohio answered…1 day

Keep the current tax structure, but remove all loopholes for large corporations

@9QPRND9Democrat from North Carolina answered…1 day

if they're rich for doing something that helps the world and the community then no. but if they use their money for bad then yes.

@9K8L4QMTranshumanist from Nebraska answered…1mo

@9K8D3T8Libertarian from Georgia answered…1mo

Keep current tax rates but clean tax code to mitigate excessive loop holes

@9K4QC8RIndependent from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, according to a progressive tax system and accompanies by lowering income tax rates for low-to-middle class earnerns and removal of tax loopholes for large corporations.

@9K3QXRQTranshumanist from Massachusetts answered…1mo

@9K3MZGRAmerican Solidarity from Maine answered…1mo

we should reform to a base percentage for tax like income tax has a base percentage that is removed from your paycheck, but we should abolish income tax, citizens have the right to keep all the money they earn

@9K3DKC3Transhumanist from Oregon answered…1mo

@9K2QF3NIndependent from Colorado answered…1mo

No. Abolish the income tax, increase state taxes, and remove tax loopholes for larger corporations

@9K2J66FSocialist from Connecticut answered…1mo

Yes and get rid of the tax loopholes for large corporations

@9JZC9JFDemocrat from Florida answered…1mo

Raise taxes for the rich, decrease the tax rate for poor people by a slight percentage, and close all tax loopholes.

@ej3Socialist from Texas answered…1mo

@9JYVJX3Libertarian from New York answered…1mo

Tax rates should be based on the strength of the economy. When the economy is strong and the unemployment rate is low, taxes should be raised for the wealthy. When the unemployment rate is high, taxes should be lowered for everyone.

@9JYQDNYPeace and Freedom from Arkansas answered…1mo

@9JYDVTVAmerican Solidarity from New York answered…1mo

@9JY93GYPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…1mo

The rich should be taxed at a higher rate while the poor at a lower rate

@9JXRX4LLibertarian from New York answered…1mo

@9JXLQCCDemocrat from Florida answered…1mo

Yes, and there should be better systems in place avoid tax evasion.

@9JWTZLXTranshumanist from Colorado answered…1mo

No, but get rid of loopholes for all taxpayers and corporations and disallow tax incentives for partnerships

@9JWPH6FCommunist from Virginia answered…1mo

@9JWNDJMGreen from North Carolina answered…1mo

@9JWJR5YVeteran from Florida answered…1mo

The rich that have jobs work hard for their money and that is why they have so much, now for the people who don't work they shouldn't get money handed to them because they gave up and stopped trying to earn money and a job, everyone should get a chance for a decent job though.

@9JW69LNWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…1mo

The tax system as it stands needs to be completely reviewed and revised. Remove as many of the loopholes possible to ensure that fair taxes are assessed for those that fall in a particular bracket.

@9JW5TD7Green from North Carolina answered…1mo

Yes, raise taxes on the rich and remove all existing tax loopholes

@9JVDG2PDemocrat from Indiana answered…1mo

Cut tax rates for lower income citizens, remove tax loopholes for large corporations, and raise the tax bracket on the wealthiest citizens.

@9JTZS6KWomen’s Equality from Connecticut answered…1mo

There should be a graduated tax based on income however those with expendable money should not be required but encouraged to contributed more

@9JTTJ9QRepublican from South Carolina answered…1mo

@9JSR2X8Veteran from Texas answered…1mo

@9JSPQTKWorking Family from Texas answered…1mo

Raise taxes only for individuals in the income bracket of $350,000 and above

@9JSGBW8Women’s Equality from Alabama answered…1mo

No, but instead remove all existing tax loopholes for large corporations, this way they are required to pay what they need to.

@9JSDNG4Constitution from Maryland answered…1mo

The government should adopt a tax system where a standard amount (ex. 10-15%) should be adopted, with subsidies and other “tack ons” depending on if they pass a certain threshold of higher income.

@9JRYBP3Democrat from Illinois answered…1mo

Yes, but also lower taxes for the people who don't make enough money to pay them

@9JRSWZ9Veteran from Georgia answered…1mo

@9JRPGZFVeteran from Minnesota answered…1mo

Flat tax but have a tax fall off threshold based on family/home status.

@9JRMZ52Veteran from Indiana answered…1mo

I believe everyone should pay the same percentage. If I make a 15,000$ a year and my friend makes 80,000$ a year I think we should pay the same percentage of our income

@9JRLZ7LIndependent from Tennessee answered…1mo

Tax an equal percentage on all people and remove loopholes for corporations

@9JQNHJ8Transhumanist from Oklahoma answered…1mo


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